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Robots meet art in the time of COVID-19

Clevertech Group, a leading company in the industrial automation market, has been given a great opportunity to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 and has transformed this experience into a tribute to entertainment, a sector that has particularly suffered in these pandemic times.

The new end-of-line system produced for the American market, in fact, is featured in a video that Clevertech Group had a strong desire to make in order to show that industry also recognises the value of art and entertainment in a historical moment of great difficulty for the world of culture in general, which has been overwhelmed by the restrictions due to the pandemic.

Clevertech Group has been selected for an international engineering project for an important multinational company that works in the household cleaning sector. In the United States, the client company is the leading producer of disinfectant products, capable of eliminating 99.9% of the bacteria with which they come into contact. In the months marked by the pandemic, the demand for disinfectants increased considerably and the company decided to increase its production to combat the spread of the virus.

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Clevertech Group is proud to announce the agreement which was signed with Actiw company, a leader in automated logistics and the supplier of the most innovative solutions for automatic trailer loading of complete pallets into non modified spaces. 

The agreement signed in March 2020 entitles Clevertech as the exclusive sales and representative partner of “Loadmatic” automated trailer loading solutions for the Italian markets. 

Additionally, Clevertech is the official agent for Actiw in United States together with Canada thanks to the strong presence in North American market with our branch Clevertech North America..

Recently, the first project has been launched and includes a specific system for Food Industry with a production capacity of 240 complete pallets/H including the automatic storage and automatic loading without any operator. 

Thanks to this system, as soon as the pallet is palletized, wrapped and labelled in Clevertech End of Line, the same pallet is handled by Clevertech in the pallet conveyor line and transferred to warehouse or it goes to Loadmatic system for automatic trailer loading.

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