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Clevertech Group is proud to announce the agreement which was signed with Actiw company, a leader in automated logistics and the supplier of the most innovative solutions for automatic trailer loading of complete pallets into non modified spaces. 

The agreement signed in March 2020 entitles Clevertech as the exclusive sales and representative partner of “Loadmatic” automated trailer loading solutions for the Italian markets. 

Additionally, Clevertech is the official agent for Actiw in United States together with Canada thanks to the strong presence in North American market with our branch Clevertech North America..

Recently, the first project has been launched and includes a specific system for Food Industry with a production capacity of 240 complete pallets/H including the automatic storage and automatic loading without any operator. 

Thanks to this system, as soon as the pallet is palletized, wrapped and labelled in Clevertech End of Line, the same pallet is handled by Clevertech in the pallet conveyor line and transferred to warehouse or it goes to Loadmatic system for automatic trailer loading.

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Since December Clevertech South Asia has been representing exclusively Makro Labelling for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka areas. This is the last step we set three years ago when we sketched out the Clevertech South East Asia project as a Clevertech office capable of dealing with its own experience and the experience of other key partners in their relevant market.

Clevertech South Asia is an expert center for the packaging dry parts. It combines together Clevertech experience for the tertiary packaging, Atlanta Packers and HRS experience in the secondary packaging together with Makro Labelling know how in the primary packaging. In this way Clevertech South Asia is able to satisfy any requirement for the whole dry part of line.

Clevertech South Asia has already supported Makro Labelling with excellent result by placing important orders in the beverage area in India. The request of a labelling system from a multinational company active in this field was extremely challenging. The customer required a labeller capable to produce with a speed of 600 bottles/per minute


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